"We have found blue skies to be immensely effective in the development of our company, surely our best business decision"

About Us

Our group is built on the twin principles of providing solutions that resolve problems in the short term and providing building blocks for self sufficiency in the mid to longer term.

Our diversified service range continues to grow through our policy of following trends, identifying new business challenges and listening to clients.

All our consultants are well established in their own fields of expertise and are able to identify targeted solutions as well as calling on the resources of other group members. These consultants work specifically on individual projects and so clients always have a direct contact and deal with their assigned consultant, thus improving communication and reducing the risk of job specification errors.

Our services are provided to assist clients in developing in an ever-changing industry. As no two businesses are a-like, each approach and solution is tailored to meet the specified requirements.

To find out more, please click on the link below for the personal profile of the principal consultant, Clive Bishop

Get In Touch

In the first instance please telephone Clive Bishop, Principal Consultant on 01275 340232 for more information on the services offered.

01275 340232

Blue Skies Consultancy Group,
P.O. Box 209, Clevedon BS21 5WB

For specific enquiries regarding sectors of the groups activities, please use the appropriate email address below.

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