"We have found blue skies to be immensely effective in the development of our company, surely our best business decision"

Operational Management

What If.......

  • You could reduce your cost of sale, by developing and implementing operational improvements?
  •  You could generate additional sales through enhancing your target marketing?
  •  You could implement improvements in your outsourced services which would deliver targeted and sustainable results, rather than mystical unspecified benefits?
  •  You could raise the talent levels of your Managers in releasing the potential of their teams?
  •  You could ensure you implemented projects and business initiatives on time, to quality standards and on budget?

 Our Focus

  • Our focus is on helping Executives and Managers deliver tangible business improvements which are sustainable and enabling them to become self sufficient in delivering future improvements.
  •  Our capabilities enable us to help organisations define their business strategies and then successfully manage the implementation of the solutions, to achieve the desired results

Our Approach


  • As no two businesses have the same needs, our approach and solutions are tailored to meet your requirements.
  •  We focus on your goals and aspirations.
  •  We identify the scope and requirements with you, in a clear and unambiguous manner.
  •  We continually review progress and outcomes to ensure delivery.
  •  We resource assignments with an agreed mix of your staff and our consultants.

For an initial discussion regarding how changes can improve your department or company, please email: ops@blueskiesconsultancygroup.co.uk, providing details of the company or department that may need assistance (call centre, reservations centre, help desk etc), the company profile and your full contact details.

Get In Touch

In the first instance please telephone Clive Bishop, Principal Consultant on 01275 340232 for more information on the services offered.

01275 340232

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P.O. Box 209, Clevedon BS21 5WB

For specific enquiries regarding sectors of the groups activities, please use the appropriate email address below.

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